Viviscal Hair Growth Program


Viviscal Hair Growth Program Review

Viviscal Hair Growth Program

Viviscal is the manufacturer of hair growth products. Its hair growth program is extremely elaborate. Viviscal offers separate hair growth programs for men and women. Their hair growth vitamins and supplements are a combination of the best vitamins and nutrients that either contribute to regrowth of the hair or bettered texture and growth of already existing one. The Viviscal Extra Strength is meant to supplement hair growth and complement existing hair. The hair growth program requires an individual to take a dose of 2 tablets daily. The vitamin supplement is easily available for a price of $ 29.12 for 60 tablets.

Core ingredient of the Viviscal hair growth program

The core ingredient of the Viviscal hair growth program is AminoMar. Other ingredients include Vitamin C and horse tail extract. AminoMar is actually a mix of marine proteins. The Vitamin C is extracted from the Acerola Cherry. This cherry is believed to be the most abundant source of vitamin c.


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How does the hair growth work?

The hair growth program works by enhancing the hair follicle’s tendency of absorption of vitamins and crucial and necessary nutrients into the core of the hair. It is meant to aid in strengthening the hair from the inside and at its roots. The program takes effect in three to six months. It improves the health, thickness, texture, density and luster of the hair. The hair program also has a shampoo and conditioner. It complements the extra strength tablets and provides nourishment and care to the hair from the outside. The formula that Viviscal introduces is clinically researched. Its effectiveness has been proven by multiple studies conducted over time.


Significance of the hair growth program

The most significant thing about the Viviscal hair growth program is that it is entirely composed of drug free ingredients, constituents and supplements. These ingredients are natural. The health program by Viviscal delivers thick, long and healthy hair. This is achieved without the use of harmful drugs, painful surgery and artificial and unnatural synthetic hair. The program is successful and long lasting. It addresses the root cause of the hair loss problem. It does not provide with either artificial or superficial solutions. The other drugs fail to address the main problem. The main problem is is dietary and nutritional deficiency, which may be triggered by a number of factors like stress or hormonal changes. Duplicating the process that is followed by the Viviscal is not easy as other products target the exterior. Viviscal ensures prolonged hair care and less hair loss by strengthening the interior.

Side effects of the Viviscal Hair Growth Program

Since the supplement contains sea minerals it is not considered safe for consumption by women who may either be expecting or breast feeding their child. It is also not advisable for people who are allergic to shell fish and seafood. Headaches have also been reported by people who have used the hair growth program. Significant complaints with regards to sleep problems can also be observed.

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