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When I was small I was blessed with very thick hair. I loved to change my hairstyle often. I still remember that I had my hair grew so fast I had to get a haircut every alternate week otherwise my parents considered my hair messy.

Like many of you, I also started experiencing hair problems when I reached my teens.   I had always loved and enjoyed my hair and this was quite depressing for me.  I went through various medicines, herbal solutions and lifestyle changes. I looked in the internet for information. I went through a lot of websites and found a TON of information which was overwhelming. I also watched a lot of Youtube videos about hair solutions and people giving opinions about what works and what does not work.  I took these just as opinions.

I like to hear opinions but I also want to know the cold hard facts and direct comparisons. Dissatisfied with comparisons on the internet I decided to take matters in my own hands and create my own comparison.  After spending many days researching and analyzing I have put together what I call Guide to Hair Vitamins  . It has a complete interactive chart which you can use to compare products instantly.

I am not a hair junkie …yet. I do not think I have analyzed each and every product available on the market, but I feel like I have given very valuable information considering the junk that is available on the internet.

My target is to give you the information which can help make you the best possible vitamins for hair decision based on what matters to you. I will be giving my opinion on every product but when it comes down right to it, you might be more concerned about the price than the actual effect.

As I do more research, I will be providing in-depth reviews of vitamins, videos of actual users of the different vitamins and more comparative analysis.

In short, I hope my site is useful in helping you to find the best vitamins for your hair.